Public Power and Companies within a multilevel and transnational context


This group team was preceded by two previous teams: “The Communitarisation of Private Law” (2007-2009) and “Business, Markets and Transnational Law (2010-2012), both of which received recognition from the Basque Government. This new team’s object of study is based on scientific research carried out by the team members during their academic careers and looks to continue the gradual yet steady process of in-depth study and expansion in this field, from the material as well as the subjective points of view. Its specific aim is to analyse society vs. globalisation and the legal implications of this analysis from different aspects, beginning with a general approach. The second part focuses more specifically on economic globalisation; business and markets where the impact of economic globalisation is especially examined in trade. This project deals with the following research lines: - Public institutions reform in a multilevel and transnacional context - Public intervention in Economy - New skills for new jobs