The European Union and Transnational Trade Law: The World Open to Dialogue (JM Chair)


The study of the legal sciences has traditionally had a national focus. However, in recent years, the market needs to transcend internal barriers has caused an exponential increase of international transactions with radical impact on the proportion between national and international commerce. Besides, the development of the EU, the accessibility of information and, in general, the continuous advance of globalisation have brought to the wider consciousness not only concomitant problems and processes but also the increasing importance of fostering the means of discerning and drafting appropriate rules and customs for handling trade between countries and between private companies across borders, what is often referred to as “Transnational law”. This project aims to create activities of teaching, disemination and research underlining the dialogue between different legal, political and economic cultures trying to foster the positive aspects of a multicultural approach. The second key element of this project is again a dialogue between professional bodies and academia trying to create the bridges to create an enriching relation between the University and the professional needs. This dialogue will be reflected on several courses, seminars and workshops as well as different level of research, papers and monographs. This project tries to highlight the advantages of the higher education area within the EU and to enrich using the experience of foreign models.